The Colorado Springs Gazette highlights MTC and CP&Y’s merger!

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    Meeting the Challenge Inc., a Colorado Springs-based accessibility compliance consulting firm, merged this month with CP&Y, a Dallas-based engineering and architectural firm.

    Meeting the Challenge will operate as a subsidiary of CP&Y in Colorado Springs, while CP&Y will continue to run its six-person office in the Springs.

    "The combination of our companies brings together a broader suite of accessibility services to CP&Y clients and provides MTC direct access to CP&Y's deep pool of industry experts, resources and clients," Meeting the Challenge President Kent Kelley said in a news release.

Meeting the Challenge merges with CP&Y 

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    CP&Y is announcing that it has officially closed its deal with national ADA accessibility firm Meeting the Challenge, Inc. (MTC), one of the nation’s preeminent accessibility compliance consulting firms. MTC will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of CP&Y and offer state-of-the-art federal disability law compliance services to CP&Y’s future and current clients nationally. 

Video: Kent Kelley featured on Business Leaders Podcast

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    Kent Kelley sits with Bob Roark in this episode of Business Leaders Podcast.  Kent talks through the challenges that businesses face when it comes to ensuring accessibility for all citizens regardless of disabilities. 

Federal accessibility law continues to evolve 27 years later

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  • The federal accessibility law has been on the books for 27 years, yet hundreds of lawsuits are still filed each year.

    A Civil Rights office under Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies handles complaints from the public on discrimination involving housing, employment and other public spaces like stores. That office has seen complaints increase in the last 15 years.

    They attribute the increase in complaints to more people understanding their rights under the law. They also believe Colorado’s growing population and growing aging population mean there are more people with disabilities in Colorado.

News 5 Investigates: Is your parking lot ADA compliant?

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  • Is your Parking Lot ADA Compliant? The Americans with Disabilities Act is meant to help those with special needs, but News 5 Investigates has found some people who don't even have a disability are using the ADA to make money.  

Here's How to Make Sure Your Small Business is ADA Compliant 

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  • What every small business owner should know about ADA Compliance.  The ADA prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, governmental activities, transportation, communications, public accommodations, and commercial facilities. For small businesses, issues of compliance typically deal with Title I and Title III of the law. 

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